Board of Directors

Angela Bachfeld (Germany),
Alicja GAŁĄZKA (Poland),
Karl Nielsen (Germany),
Nandana Nielsen (Germany)

Board of Directors

Presidents in Countries

PosPsy-Presidents are representatives of the PosPsy who are responsible for the PosPsy ethics and quality standards in their country

Presidents in Countries

Ambassadors in Countries

Ambassadors are special representatives of the PosPsy with special privileges and responsibilities in their country

Ambassadors in Countries


Each commission has a chair who coordinates the topic. We have the following Standard and Developmental Commissions:



This is the roof of all our 6 associations for NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Constellation, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.


PosPsy stands for using Positive Psychology

IN Profile

for contributing to a peaceful world, where everybody wants to belong to

Large Community

for excellent communication inside people in the sense of inner peace of mind, self actualisation and living one's potential

Reputation and Promotion

for excellent communication between people for mutual understanding and highest results in reaching goals that are good for everybody on planet earth


PosPsy stands for


offering an association where members can learn from each other

Theory and Practicse

bridging effective practical application of PosPsy with academic education, theory and research


providing people who search for PosPsy training or professional with relevant info

High Standards

the development of highest ethics and quality standards in PosPsy


organizing exciting PosPsy, NLP, Coaching, Constellation, Mindfulness, & Hypnosis World Congresses for excellent communication and personal growth

Code of Ethics of the Positive Psychology Organization (PosPsy)

This Code of Ethics is an expression of the vision and mission of the PosPsy and a personal commitment of the PosPsy members. It is the basis of our understanding of high quality work and of interpersonal communication within as well as outside of the PosPsy. We are committed to high ethical standards on the 7th Graves-level and adhere to these standards in our efforts to foster the well-being of all humanity and the maintenance of justice and peace worldwide.


Community is growing to 8000 memberss

8.000 Members

8.000 members from 90 countries

July 2021
Community is growing to 7000 memberss

7.000 Members

7.000 members from 84 countries

August 2020
Online Master Trainer Meeting 2020”
Online Master Trainer Meeting

Master Trainer Meeting

We founded and the Awesome Tools for Educators at the Online Master Trainer Meeting.

August 2020
Foundation of PosPSy
PosPsy - Positvie Psychology Organization Logo

Founding of PosPsy

Founding of our PosPsy Association at the World Congress in Brazil

November 2019
World Congress in Brazil 2019”
World Congress in Brazil

World Congress in Brazil

The magic of emotional intelligence. Find out more

November 2019
World Congress Tunesia:Education of Life Long Learning
Hypno Culture People

World Congress in Tunisia

Education of Life Long Learning . Find out more

March 2019
+5000 Members

5000+ Members

We hit the 5000 mark! The global community is growing.

July 2019
Foundation of WHO

Foundation of In-Me

Founding of the Mindfulness Association In-Me in December 2018

Foundation of In-Me More.. 2018
Foundation of WSCO

Foundation of WSCO

Founding of the Constellation Association WSCO in March 2018

Foundation of WHO More.. 2018
World Congress Psynapse, Paris: „Hypno-Culture”
Hypno Culture People

World Congress in Paris

„Hypno-Culture”. Hypnose-PNL-Coaching. Find out more

September 2017
Foundation of WHO

Foundation of WHO

The WHO was founded in Berlin, June 25th 2016, as a new sister association of the International Association of NLP Institutes (IN) and the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI).

The founding team was from ICI, Psynapse and IN.

Foundation of WHO More.. 2016
+1000 Members

1000+ Members

The IN & ICI grows with 1000+ members worldwide.


Third NLP & Coaching Worldcongress

The effectiveness of NLP & Coaching is based on Emotion and Science. NLP as applied Psychology for your work and your everyday life. The hero's journey is an integral part of the world congress. The slogan is: "Progressing by Congressing": This congress is dedicated to the potential of the participants, NLP and Coaching. The hour of birth of Neuro - Linguistic Psychology.

More.. Croatia, 2012

Second NLP & Coaching Worldcongress

Coaching for the very best of Health, Magic of Live, Emotions, Ethics, Success, Team, Vision, Spirituality and Transcendence with NLP and joining methods.

Second NLP worldcongress More.. Brazil, 2009

First NLP & Coaching Worldcongress

This Congress will inspire NLP experienced and beginners with the variety of professional NLP at international levels. Experience the excellence of worldwide acknowledged NLP Trainers - LIVE. This is an exceptional congress anticipating an exciting journey through the evolution of mankind stimulating all senses. A well balanced mixture of workshops and inspirations awakening you to a world of new experiences, growing hand in hand with visual impressions, information, meditation, activities and other surprises on all Graves Levels. Here is the World Congress book

First NLP worldcongress More.. Germany, 2006