Frequently Asked Questions

1. Basic IN Membership (no membership fee)

1.1 Why should I become a PosPsy member?
Join the IN for the benefits for IN membership.
Here are the IN Membership Benefits.
1.2 Why is membership for all levels below "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy" for free?
It is free of costs for it is a service for the “NLP Master Trainer, IN” that the participants of their trainings can become a member of the IN without paying anything. This is for all IN qualifications with a certificate with an IN seal (numbered sticker with the IN logo).
“NLP Master Trainer, IN” are entitled to seal and pay with their yearly membership fee this service for their participants.
Here is the info about the standard IN membership levels.
1.3 What means "entitled to seal"?
Only from the IN appointed "NLP Master Trainer, IN" are entitled to seal. They are either a head of an IN Member Institute or an additional trainer at an IN Member Institute. Through the appointment they can give their training participants a certificate for IN qualification with an IN seal (numbered sticker with the IN logo).
Here is the complete list of "NLP Master Trainer, IN".
1.4 How can I become an PosPsy member?
Please apply here with a certificate with an IN seal (numbered sticker with the IN logo) free of cost (no admission fee and no yearly membership fee) for IN membership.
If you are qualified in NLP, without a certificate with an IN seal, you can apply for fee based post sealing of your NLP qualification through an IN President or the IN office.
The IN office can post seal a NLP qualification if you had a comparable NLP training from a NLP Master Trainer who is not appointed as "NLP Master Trainer, IN". For this you need to provide the relevant info that the NLP Master Trainer who trained you has a comparable qualification as "NLP Master Trainer, IN" and that your training was comparable to the IN training standards.
The qualification requirements for "NLP Master Trainer, IN" and NLP qualifications are here.
The normal costs for checking the documents and for post sealing through the IN office are 120 Euro.
For post sealing of certificates with a seal from associations with comparable standards, like e.g. IANLP, INLPTA, DVNLP, the costs are 60 Euro.
Post sealing can be done through IN presidents as well. They have their own fees.

2. PosPsy Institutes

2.1 How can I be appointed as seal entitled “Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy”?
Each "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy" is part of an PosPsy member institute - either as the leader of his institute or as additional "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy" at an PosPsy member institute. The PosPsy member institute has a profile of his own that is created with the appointment of the "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsyN" who leads the institute.
For the appointment of the "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy" we need evidence that he fulfills our criteria for "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy".
Here are the criteria for "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy".
The easiest way is a confirmation of the PosPsy President in your country that you fulfill our criteria for "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy".
Here is the list of PosPsy Presidents
If there is no PosPsy President in your country, then it would be helpful if a "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy" knows you so well that he can vouch for you.
Here is the list of all "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsyN"
For your appointment as "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy" we need your CV with a history of your trainings and the signed contract between PosPsy and you.
Here is the contract for "Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy"
2.2 What is the difference between an Experienced Institute and an Institute in Cooperation?
When we founded the IN one of our main ideas was that Experienced Institutes with many conducted NLP training seminars should offer new “NLP Master Trainer, IN” some kind of support during their first NLP seminars. Therefore, we decided that we offer this support for new “NLP Master Trainer, IN” in a form of cooperation with Experienced Institutes during their first 7 “NLP Practitioner, IN” training seminars. This support is up to now not formalized. So it is up to the Institute in Cooperation and the Experienced Institute to fill this according to the individual situation. Mostly the new “NLP Master Trainer, IN” was trained from the Experienced Institute, so that they know each other very well and are able to decide on this common history how to organize this in a fair win-win.
The criteria for an Experienced Institute and an Institute in Cooperation are part of the criteria for "NLP Master Trainer, IN"
2.3 Can all my sealed participants join the PosPsy for free?
Yes. We highly recommend that our "NLP Master Trainer, IN" use at the end of their training the group registration for those participants who love to be an IN member for free.
You find the procedure for group registration in the IN Certification guidelines.
We will upload your participants automatically. Everyone will receive an automatic email with his login data. In the ICI membership area he can edit his own profile, use the forum and see all newsletters.
Here are the IN Membership Benefits.
2.4 What does a PosPsy sealed certificate need to include?
The correct IN title, the info regarding the face to face training time in days and hours, the date of the first and last day of the training course, the statement that all IN guidelines have been met, the IN seal (sticker with IN logo and seal number) and the signature of the "NLP Master Trainer, IN".
For more details, see the IN Certification Guidelines.
2.5 Who can appoint a „Positive Psychology Master Trainer, PosPsy“ (3 levels)?
Only the Appointment Commission of the IN can appoint someone as seal entitled „NLP Master Trainer, IN“.
For more details, see the guidelines for “NLP Master Trainer, IN”.
2.6 Who validates comparable competencies?
Only the Appointment Commission of the IN or an IN President of a Country can validate comparable competencies.
2.7 Which special IN qualifications can be certified?
In addition to the already existing standard wording of the titles of IN qualifications one of the following words can be added in the title: Life, Business, Sport, Health (e.g.: “NLP Life Communication Skills, IN", "NLP Business Practitioner, IN", "NLP Sport Master, IN", "NLP Health Trainer, IN"). For the use of such additional words the focus of the training needs to justify such additional words.
With a written approval of the IN Training Commission special new qualification can be created and used as well. You find examples for additional approved qualifications in the ICI.
The certification according to the IN standard of trainings regarding Neuro Linguistic Psychology is only allowed to IN appointed "NLPsy Master Trainer, IN". They need an academic qualification in Psychology (Bachelor, Master or Doctor), a qualification in Psychotherapy according to the requirements of the World Councils for Psychotherapy and in NLP the appointment as "NLP Master Trainer, IN".
Here are the Guidelines for Neuro Linguistic Psychology.
2.8 What are the rights and duties of Presidents and Ambassadors?
A President, Vice President or Ambassador of the IN for a country is a representative of the IN with special privileges and responsibilities. Therefore she/he agrees to fulfil the requirements in most exemplary manner for “NLP Master Trainer, IN” regarding: Membership Commitment, Ethics, Complaint Procedure, CPD, Standards for IN Qualifications & Certificates, IN Marketing and further IN Development. IN Presidents have a minimum of 50 IN/ICI members in their country. The rights and duties are listed in the contract.
Here is the contract for IN Presidents.
Here is the contract for IN Vice-Presidents.
Here is the contract for IN Ambassadors.