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Semsudin Zaimovic

Semsudin Zaimovic

Congratulation to all new participants from the Coach, ICI taining from Balkan

From our President in Bosnien Semsudin Zaimovic

Radmila Vukovic, one of his participants, created a song and poem about the training.

Please find here first the English version and then the Serbian version.


I'm one of those who dream while awake, and trust in their own reveries,
That good will conquer all, despite the world's forgotten memories.
I'm one of those who bring a smile, restore faith in one's own power,
In one's own knowledge, resources, and a purposeful existence to flower.

Like a butterfly, light and fluttering, I alight on human souls,
To help put together their shattered dreams, lost hopes, and make them whole.
Like a balm to a wound, to heal and to bind,
Like a beacon of light in the darkness, to remind
That all which the soul can't see, can become clear and bright,
Reflecting in the mirror of their inner sight.

So the cries and pleas of the soul no longer heard,
And people live their dreams, each and every word,
And some desires don't remain just unfulfilled thoughts,
And they discover how powerful they are, with all they've got.
They learn to express themselves, appreciate the values they keep, And learn to say "no" and in their resources, deep.  

I believe that I can, I'm able and I know, I have fulfilled my dream,
I believe that people can solve all their problems, with no limit but the sky, it seems.
That failure doesn't exist, and from it, only new things are learned,
That if an individual can take flight, a community can build a world that's turned.
I believe that people create their own experiences, that can change with ease,
That we need not hold fast to maps as territories, where only one path leads.
That I can change the world, by helping people find their wings to fly,
And give them the power to soar up high. 

It's important to me that they see me as their equal, and feel ease when we meet,
To open up, trust, and speak from the heart, of the problems that they keep.
To gain their trust, to sense my sincere desire to comprehend,
To understand their needs as if they were my own, and be their friend.
To believe in them, support them, and help them to realize,
That they alone hold the answers, to the challenges they visualize.  

Dr. Darko Cvetković

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