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Nikola Maletić

Nikola Maletić

Hello, I am Nikola Maletić,
the youngest "NLP Trainer, IN" worldwide. I am 18 years old and I come from Novi Sad, Serbia. I started my NLP journey in 2021 and became a trainer in January 2024.

In 2021, I didn't know what NLP was. I saw an ad for training at the PCI Institute with Tatjana Vojtehovski. Something inside me said “click”. I went to the site and started researching about NLP. I signed up for Basic training to see what it was all about.

I came to my first training, entered the conference room and realized that I was the youngest participant. I expected that to some extent, but I couldn't even imagine that the next youngest attendee is twice as old as me. It wasn't that difficult because I was 16 at the time. As the training progressed, I became more and more interested in NLP, asked questions, and wanted to immediately apply what I had learned. I felt that there was something in NLP, that I needed it. Tatjana started talking about Practitioner education and I immediately knew that I had to go to it.

This is how my entry into the NLP world was. Today, after two and a half years, I can say that there was a reason why I was there then, that my body felt it, but could not verbalize it.

Through the learning process itself, I tried to integrate as much knowledge as possible. I practiced and applied NLP almost daily. As time went on, I realized more and more how much difference NLP is making in my life.

The most useful techniques for me were goal setting, presentation skills and modeling. I think that, as I said in the interview, in a few years we will all have access to a large amount of information. We will need the skills to process and present those skills. Our personal success will depend on the success of those skills. These are precisely the skills that NLP awakens, builds and nurtures. That's how I see the future :)

I had the privilege of being a student at the PCI Institute under the amazing trainer Tatjana Wojtehovski.

Tatjana created a supportive, safe and encouraging atmosphere where it was easy to acquire and apply knowledge. I always knew that the group supported me, that it was okay if I didn't understand something, that I could ask…

I liked Tatjana's way of teaching very much. Integrated knowledge, a large number of examples and life situations, humor and energy are something that sets Tatjana apart from other trainers. It was a great honor for me to learn from such a trainer.

I see myself in the future in the NLP world. I think the young generations need NLP. Today, we are faced with a situation where young people do not know which faculty they want to enter, what their goals are, which results in a lack of motivation and automatically a lower quality of life and life satisfaction. Somewhere in my experience, the process of setting goals is something that from that point, makes a quantum leap and affects all aspects of life. That's why I see my near future somewhere in education for young people, especially for the setting goals.

I believe that this is just my beginning and that great things are ahead of me.

Finally, I would like to share one sentence with you.
"An impossibility is only a possibility that we do not yet understand"

Live life every day and enjoy it :)
Best wishes
Nikola Maletić

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