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This commission is for checking Trainer Trainings

Members of this commission are Virginie VernoisPhilippe VernoisArline DavisStephan LandsiedelNandana NielsenKarl NielsenHabiba Zmerli TrikiSehil Triki, and Nada Kaiser.

If a Master Trainer wants to offer his first IN, ICI, WHO, WSCO, In-Me, or PosPsy Trainer Training he needs to submit his Training Concept to this Trainer Training Commission for approval.

A seal entitled IN, ICI, WHO, WSCO, In-Me, or PosPsy Master Trainer who wants to offer a Trainer Training needs to have assisted in a Trainer Training that followed our curriculum for a Trainer Training. His very first Trainer Training needs to be designed and conducted at least by 2 Master Trainers from an experienced Institute of IN, ICI, WHO, WSCO, In-Me, or PosPsy.

Our reference curriculum for a Trainer Training is the "NLP Trainer, IN"

For approval please send your detailed description of your planned Trainer Training several months before you plan to start your marketing for your Trainer Training to the Trainer Training Commission:

One of the most important topics of a Training Concept is the assessment of the participants of the Trainer Training. It needs to fulfill the high quality requirements of our associations.

Jennifer Konkol and Stephanie Konkol

"Positive Psychology Basic, PosPsy" training by trainer Jennifer Konkol and Stephanie Konkol in Online Training

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