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André Percia

André Percia

Andre Percia

Clinical Psychologist, and Master Trainer in Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis. He lives in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and offers certification and public courses all over the world.
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Purported Spontaneous Psi Phenomena:
A New Frontier in Consciousness Research - presented on 7 June 2024

This scholarly monograph ventures into the compelling crossroads of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and spontaneous psi phenomena, critically evaluating the potential role neuro-linguistic constructs play in the emergence and conceptualisation of psi experiences. Through meticulous case studies, individuals professing precognitive abilities, clairvoyance, and telepathic communication are examined to ascertain how such extraordinary events correlate with their intrinsic neuro-linguistic patterns.

At the forefront of this inquiry is the conceptual "Integrated Factors System," an innovative model that synthesises the interplay of socio-cultural context, personal life stories, and the idiosyncrasies of personality structures. This framework serves as a beacon to navigate the processing of psi experiences within the NLP paradigm, casting light on the relevance of representational systems, the intricacies of submodalities, the dynamics of state management, the influence of meta-programs, the power of belief systems, and the nuances of linguistic patterns.

Interweaving the rich tapestry of personal narratives with a foundation of established psychological theories, the monograph unfurls new theoretical implications for the understanding of psi within the domains of psychology and NLP. It delineates practical methodologies for professionals in these fields, postulating that neuro-linguistic mechanisms might be expertly employed to amplify psi capabilities and assist those who encounter these enigmatic phenomena.

Recognising the limitations inherent in anecdotal evidence, the monograph endorses a call to action for comprehensive research, employing rigorous mixed-methods approaches to delve deeper into the relationship between NLP and psi phenomena. Offering a fresh integrative perspective, this scholarly work makes a salient contribution to the academic conversation, illuminating the profound impact of cognitive and linguistic frameworks in the mysterious expanse of human experience, and proposing an invigorating direction for multidisciplinary inquiry in psychological and parapsychological scholarship.

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Andre Percia
WhatsApp + 55 21 99101-1843
Instagram: @andre_percia

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