Andre Percia: NLP with ChatGPT-4

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André Percia

André Percia

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André Percia

Clinical Psychologist, and Master Trainer in Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis. He lives in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and offers certification and public courses all over the world.

WhatsApp + 55 21 99101-1843
Instagram: @andre_percia
E-mail: Y

Please find the PDF version of his article here:
"NLP, Therapy, and ChatGPT-4: Can ChatGPT help therapists effectively?"
15 August 2023

In this article, Andre share with you:  

  • The prompts that he uses for ChatGPT-4
  • The answers from ChatGPT-4
  • The reactions of his client
  • His reflections on the process

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